Is using Treadmill bad for health?

Is treadmill bad for you?

Is treadmill bad for your health? This is a common question among many fitness enthusiasts and treadmill fans. Treadmill running lacks the outdoor environment and so it is less ventilated. Also, the running or walking on a treadmill without going through an exercise routine can be pretty tough on the knees and joints.

Yes And No Both

Is treadmill bad for your health? Yes, and no. It depends on how you use it. If you jog on it frequently, then yes, the treadmill is definitely bad for your health. If, on the other hand, you walk briskly every day and only occasionally use the machine, then treadmill is okay for you.


Good for Cardiovascular System

Walking or jogging on the treadmill is a good cardiovascular exercise and it burns more calories than any other outdoor activity. The walking or running on a treadmill induces a natural rhythm and you feel a low-impact workout. Unlike jogging outdoors, you have a lot more options as to how you should go about exercising on a treadmill. The usual running on a narrow path or cross country in search of green grass and trees or that quick trip on the treadmill in the morning with coffee in one hand and the radio on in the other will not do the trick in burning extra calories.

Plan Your Custom Workout

For the same reason, regular walking or running on a treadmill indoors is not enough if you are looking for an effective fat-burning exercise. A treadmill at home requires some adjustments must be done before starting a new routine. You need to be aware that a treadmill is not an alternative to an exercise. Instead, it is a tool that will help in the development of exercise routines. But, if you are able to strike the proper balance between the two, then the treadmills are good for you.

Use Incline Treadmill

One of the factors that influence your choice of walking or running on a treadmill to a less harmful exercise is the intensity. When it comes to jogging on a treadmill, the intensity will be pretty much the same because the incline is the same. The only difference is the distance covered. Running on a treadmill will definitely cause an increase in your heart rate. However, walking on a treadmill can be very effective if done at moderate intensity.

Inclined Treadmill

Use the Proper Way

Many people find it very difficult to continue their treadmill workout without causing any form of damage to it; this is one of the treadmill disadvantages. You can damage a treadmill by doing many wrong moves which include stepping on the belt, leaning over too much or even running too fast for your stamina. These wrong moves can wear down the belt which will lead to friction and then cause it to wear out. In case if you do not have proper lubricant on the belt then this problem can also occur and will be a cause of many problems such as joint pain and even damage to the motor cover.

Good Exhausting Activity

If you have ever tried to keep up a steady pace while jogging on a treadmill, you know that the heart rate builds up very fast. And, it can get dangerously high even before you reach the end of your set of exercises. In this case, your body will burn too many calories even though you are not doing anything. Even walking for just 10 minutes can be very physically exhausting. On the other hand, walking or running on a treadmill causes your heart rate to remain low until the very end.


So, is treadmill exercise bad for your health? It all depends on your current physical condition and how you exercise. It is a good idea to consult your doctor before starting to use a treadmill. Even though the equipment is low impact, there can be some disadvantages when it comes to certain health conditions. So, talk with your doctor before investing in a home fitness machine.