15 Tips for Consistent Runners

When you start running, there are some basic tips that will help you run consistently and efficiently. If you follow these tips, you will find yourself running more frequently and in a more efficient manner.

1. Regularity

Run on a regular basis. This is an important tip that every runner should know. It is important to exercise regularly so that you can burn off calories and get in better shape.

2. Start Slow

Take it easy at first. Do not try to do too much too fast. This can be very dangerous if you are running on the side of the road or trying to beat the weather. Try to increase the intensity gradually over time until you are comfortable with it.

3. Choose Right Running Gear

Choose the correct shoes. Make sure to choose shoes that are a good fit for you. A good pair of running shoes will keep your feet and ankle from slipping. They also should allow for proper rotation, which is the rotation of the foot while running.

4. Warm up & Warm Down

Correctly warm up before running. This will help reduce the chance of injury and fatigue. The warm up helps your body is able to absorb more oxygen while you run. This is great if you want to have a faster and more effective to run. I would highly recommend that you warm up every time you jog and run. It may seem simple, but doing it will really help you to have an efficient run.

At the end of your run warm down by stretching, deep breathing and walk. This will help you get your heart rate to normal.

5. Correct Posture

Correct your posture and get into a comfortable running position. Make sure that you keep your knees bent and that your back is straight. This is especially important if you are running on uneven surfaces. This will also help you to be more aware of traffic and avoid being hit by it.

6. Practice Correct Form

Practice proper form. Practice your running form at least twice each day for at least ten minutes. This will help you become better at it. You will also learn how to improve your breathing and make sure that your stride is perfect and smooth.

7. Nutrition

Proper Nutrition. If you want to get the best results out of your running, it is vital that you get the right amount of calories and protein from foods. You should also stay hydrated while running as this helps to prevent cramps and cramping.

8. Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water. Water flushes out toxins, which can cause muscle spasms and pain. If you have been doing some form of exercise for a long time, your body will eventually need water to keep functioning properly.

9. Keep Food Diary

Keep a food diary. This will help you learn what foods are good to eat and which ones should be avoided. You will also learn when to eat these foods.

10. Reduce Caffeine

Try to limit your intake of caffeine. Too much caffeine can cause drowsiness and make you lose your focus. Try to keep a balanced diet that is high in protein and fiber.

11. Don’t Take Aspirin Regularly

Try not to take ibuprofen and aspirin regularly. They can be very harmful for you. They may slow your breathing and cause you to have a hard time catching your breath. Make sure you take them on an empty stomach.

The first symptom that you might experience from taking Aspirin is a tight feeling in your chest and throat. If you notice any difficulty in breathing, then you should stop taking the pill immediately and go to the hospital. If you are able to breathe without having to worry about your breath, then you are probably suffering from Aspirin breathing problems. Another symptom you might notice is that your neck, jaw, and face feel hot and cold at times. 

12. Wear Comfortable Socks

When you run outside in the morning, try to wear socks that are designed to help cool your feet at night. They will also keep you more comfortable during the night. If you feel any discomfort, change to something more comfortable.

13. Walk When You are Tired

Try not to walk when you are tired. Walking can cause damage to your knees and ankles. If you don’t have to, try to stop at a light jog instead.

14. Stretch before the Run

If you don’t have to, try to stretch before you run. It is important to stretch every time you run, but running on your toes can also hurt you.

Running can be considered as one of the best forms of exercise and as such, there are quite a number of benefits of stretching before running. First, you will find that stretching exercises can help you strengthen your body and muscles, especially your leg muscles. You will also find that stretching exercises can help you increase your flexibility. This is because by stretching, you can reduce the stress on your muscles.

Stretching also reduce the chances of injury.

15. Try Easy Running Setting on Treadmill

Running on the treadmill can also be very painful for you. Be careful of using one with a heavy load. These are very difficult to use, especially if you have arthritis. If you feel pain, turn it off and put another type on.


When you first start your running. You should practice proper form and gather correct gear. Beside shoes you should focus on your headphones and comfortable shoes.

Of course, there are many other advantages, and benefits of running, but one of the most obvious is that it burns a lot of calories. Since you will have a lot of your calories burned when you exercise, you’ll be able to burn a lot more fat, and keep it off, over time. By running regularly, your body will become accustomed to burning calories during every single activity.

Remember that it takes time to build up to running. your level of fitness and you’ll have to practice a lot of it, if you want to become a consistent runner.

Supplement these tips with the video below: