Can Treadmill Help You Burn More Calories Faster?

Can Treadmill Help You Burn More Calories Faster?

Treadmills will assist you burn more calories faster than any other forms of regular aerobic workout. The more time and effort that an individual spends on the treadmill the quicker and more effective, they will lose weight. Because of this many people are choosing to add a treadmill to their home gym in order to maximize these amazing health benefits. Other individuals may decide to purchase a treadmill specifically for use at home, but be aware that the costs of home fitness equipment can be quite high

1. Gradual and Continuous Motion

The way that a treadmill works is by providing a gradual, continuous motion with the feet on the belt. When you first start out on a treadmill running you will find that the incline is not very steep and you will gradually start to run uphill until the incline begins to level off. Once you reach a comfortable speed on the treadmill you will simply stop and allow the machine to coast. Running at an incline forces the body to react by raising your metabolism. This increased metabolic rate burns more calories than if you were simply walking or jogging without an incline.

2. Number of Other Benefits

Many people who begin exercising on a treadmill soon begin to experience a number of great health benefits. Perhaps the most known health benefit of treadmill workout is their ability to assist people to lose weight effectively and quickly. One of the first noticeable improvements is that they begin to lose weight much more rapidly than if they were simply walking or jogging outdoors. Walking and exercising outdoors on flat and level surfaces are wonderful for burning calories, but they take much longer to get the same level of results as if you were using a treadmill. One of the biggest reasons why treadmills are so useful is the incredible amount of energy that they provide for an average sized person.

4. Increases Intensity

Treadmills are also great for increasing the intensity of your fitness routine. Instead of walking or jogging outdoors on a flat surface, you are forced to run uphill and constantly push yourself to increase your heart rate. This causes your muscles to become stressed and tired, which helps you to lose more calories during your workout. By using a treadmill for your exercise routine you are combining the benefits of both jogging outdoors and walking inside. You are getting the best of both fitness worlds.

5. May Result in Joint Pain

Another benefit that many people notice after using treadmills for awhile is joint pain and stress. The reason for this is simply because the feet and legs are used on a regular basis when running or walking outside. It is unnatural for the joints in your feet and legs to be used on a sloped surface for extended periods of time. When you get used to running on a treadmill your feet and legs are no longer experiencing this unnatural pressure because of the nature of the machine. Because the feet and legs are no longer being held in place by the impact of the running or walking surface, there is little pressure put on these joints. This reduced stress and injury potential is very important for those who may be more susceptible to joint injuries and pain after running or walking for long periods of time

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6. Equipped with Monitors

The amount of calories that you burn while working out on a treadmill is another important factor to consider. While the majority of treadmills are equipped with monitors that will indicate the amount of calories that you are burning, you will need to do this yourself by recording how many calories you are taking in throughout the entire workout session. If you do not have access to your own monitor or are uncomfortable monitoring your own progress, purchasing an external calorie counter will ensure that you are on track with your fitness routine. These timers can be simple battery operated or will come with an electronic display. Either way these timers will provide you with a breakdown of how many calories you are taking in during your workout so that you can maintain a steady diet of healthy eating and make sure that you are getting enough daily exercise to keep your body in top working condition.

7. Conclusion

The next most important thing to consider is finding a good treadmill that offers features that are complementary to your fitness goals. Many of the higher end treadmills now come with cardio programs and other functions designed to increase your workout experience. Many people who are trying to lose weight and are looking to get in shape turn to treadmills as a convenient and effective way to get their exercise. Some even purchase treadmills to use in place of home gyms. If you have been neglecting to take advantage of an exercise program and are not exercising on a regular basis, a treadmill may be just what you need to get your heart rate up and help increase your energy level and promote a healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to deciding on the best treadmill to fit your workout needs, there are a few things that are pretty basic but must be considered. The most obvious factor would be your fitness level. If you are new to exercise or if your current fitness routine is lacking a bit, a higher end treadmill with better features and a wide variety of exercise routines may be what you are looking for. You should also think about the location where you will want to use your new home exercise equipment. If your workout is going to be easy and convenient at home, you can probably skip having a top of the line home gym machine.