Treadmill Vs Exercise Bike – Which One Is Better?

can offer you a good cardio workout, but you also need to consider the treadmill’s stability, your fitness level, cost, maintenance and safety measures. You will be doing your research to find the best treadmill for you. To help you make your decision, read this article which provides some simple tips to help you choose the best treadmill for you:

Treadmill is More Expensive

Treadmills have more disadvantages than advantages. They are more expensive than an exercise bike. You need to repair or replace treadmill within a few years. You burn more calories on a treadmill than an exercise bike because of their lesser resistance.

Treadmill Burn More Calories

Treadmills offer you less speed variation than an exercise bike. You burn more calories on a treadmill because of its higher resistance. Treadmill can be made incline as it offers incline variation.

Treadmill Offers Higher Speed

You need to consider the treadmill’s treadmill speed. On an exercise bike, the speed varies depending on the incline of the deck. You can get bikes that offer multiple speeds. If you want to burn extra calories, go for a treadmill with higher treadmill speed.

High Speed on Treadmill

Treadmill Offers Intense Exercises

It depends on how you use a treadmill. An exercise bike provides you with only walking or running surface. A treadmill offers you varying incline and speed. For intense exercising, the treadmill is better.

Consider Speed and Incline

In treadmill or exercise bike comparison, speed and incline are important factors. You must consider the treadmill’s treadmill speed, so you’ll know how to beat it. When choosing between them, you must also consider its other features.

Treadmill is Convenient

A treadmill provides you more convenience. You can choose your workout route and time wisely. You don’t have to look where the nearest gym is. Treadmills also save your time and energy.

Treadmill has More Features

Treadmills have many additional features that an exercise bike does not offer. You can get discounts from treadmill dealers by buying online. So, if you’re thinking of buying a treadmill – go online and compare treadmill prices.

Treadmill Offers Intense Cardio

The treadmill offers you a good cardio workout. Whereas an exercise bike provides a good, low intensity cardiovascular workout.

Treadmill is Convenient

The treadmill is stationary and makes exercising convenient. You can always find a good location to jog. Whereas an exercise bike may be moved around. Treadmills can provide you with a cardiovascular workout that’s hard to match with a bike ride.


Look for Online Deals

Treadmills are good but they tend to be expensive. But if you are looking for a bargain treadmill – shop online. You can find great treadmill deals at discount stores. However, you may be limited to what your local stores have in stock.

Buy Online

If you are looking for the cheapest treadmill available – look online. You can find discount treadmill offers and save money.


An exercise bike will give you a great low impact workout that you will enjoy and be able to move around. But it is stationary and can only offer a low impact workout. You can work your upper body as well with the treadmill. So which one is better?

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