Top Treadmill Workouts

Bored with your treadmill? Not seeing the amazing results you’d like? Time for a fast-paced, calorie burning treadmill workout. Treadmill workouts are some of the easiest, most effective, and versatile workouts around. Here are the four best treadmill workouts:

1. Incline Treadmill

Do a blast workout on your incline treadmill! This is the real deal, folks. Blast your cardio on the incline treadmill workouts. There are many different kinds of incline treadmill workouts so check the Internet or library for ideas.

This is also a good old-fashioned uphill treadmill workout. The good thing about doing a hill treadmill workout is that it keeps your heart rate high and pumping which provides all the calories burned in the entire workout period. Don’t just start out with walking or jogging on an incline! I highly suggest the intensity hill treadmill workouts since they’re harder, burn more calories, and require that you lift your arms overhead. This will get your upper body working much harder than normal.

OK, you know what the old “speed and strength” routine says; good for a jog or a walk, right? But why stop there? Joggers don’t always have to run or even walk at their maximum speed (though they should). If you really want to lose weight and gain muscle, you need to do an intense workout with short intervals in between long periods of walking or jogging. An example of this workout would be to do a one minute walk at a moderate speed and then change to a one-minute walk at a faster speed.

2. HIIT Workout

OK, now for the longest part of the workout – the cool down (walk or jog). A cool down (walk or jog) needs to be shorter than the actual workout so you can still be able to keep your heart rate up and pump the blood. To do the cool down (walk or jog), I recommend doing some interval sprints – kind of like jogging or running but at a faster pace for about half an hour. This lets you work on stamina in a shorter time period.

Now for the next five minutes or so of the workout. You want to repeat the previous sprints, at a faster pace. You should try to cover as many yards in each repeat as you could. Since the last five minutes of a sprint is the cool down, it’s really not necessary to go any harder during this part of the workout. Just keep your breathing even, and you’ll be fine.

Ideally, you will alternate running and walking for one minute in the middle of each sprint. This will burn up to a hundred calories without even breaking a sweat. Try to do this three times, and you should be able to burn off about another hundred calories in a nice amount of time.

So there you have it. Treadmill workouts don’t have to be long and boring. Instead, make them fun by varying the pace and length of the workouts. You can read more about making treadmill fun. If you have some spare time between your other activities, create a basic Treadmill workout by stepping up on the treadmill for two minutes. Or, if you don’t want to take on the stairs, get up on a chair for a quick low-impact workout.

You can supplement your reading with this video about HIIT on treadmill.

3. Burn More Calories

Adding an extra element of fun to your workout will help make it more memorable and actually burn more calories. That’s why most high-intensity interval training programs include an intense cardio session within their workouts. By increasing your heart rate rapidly, you are burning calories at a far greater rate than you would by jogging normally at a steady pace. Interval training is great because it helps you to burn more calories in less time, and the intensity of your workout also increases gradually, so you maintain the same intensity throughout your workout. You can vary your high-intensity exercises by adding short bursts of high intensity exercises and cutting your intensity gradually.

If you’re not sure where to begin to increase the intensity of your Treadmill workout, try warming up on a hill. A hill will help to increase your stamina and build muscle strength at the same time. To warm up on a hill, walk as far as you can for two minutes. Once you’ve warmed up, go ahead and walk as far as you can for 90 seconds, then turn around and walk another 90 seconds. You should be able to complete one full cycle on the hill.

4. Conclusion

Treadmill workouts can be very intense, but it’s important to maintain a steady pace. When you’re doing your workout on an incline or if you are moving at a faster speed, you’ll likely end up reaching your maximum capacity very quickly. So, in order to maximize the amount of calories you burn during your workout, you need to know your maximum speed and work as hard as you can at your maximum speed. In addition to learning your maximum speed, it’s also important to know how much incline you are using. Certain types of inclines will require more effort than others, so try to choose an incline that you find most comfortable and will provide the most benefit.

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